A New Alternative for Energy Efficient, Durable Construction

With over 35 years of experience in construction and high-tech building products, Sommet Properties brings its properietary Sommet Wall System to Teranga Estates, constructing our community with state-of-the-art, energy efficient wall systems built for strength and security.

innovation In Building Technology

Rigorously tested by North American and international evaluation authorities, the Sommet Wall System uses a recycled composite structure that minimizes maintenance, reduces energy consumption, strengthens wall durability, and decreases building costs.

Wall System

Energy Efficient

Made with recycled, lightweight composite materials, Sommet walls are moisture resistant and provide unmatched insulation, so homeowners save on energy and heating costs.

Sound Proof

Sommet Walls’ cellular polystyrene and cement composite structure is highly resistant to vibrations, resulting in a safer, structurally sound, and sound-resistant interior.

Secure And Built to Last

Sommet walls are highly fire resistant, hydrostable to reduce surface condensation in humid climates, and unmatched in their strength, supporting isolated suspension loads exceeding 47 kilograms per wall screw.

Environmentally Responsible And sustainable

We innovate emissions reductions and limit environmental waste by using recycled materials in our walls. All of our materials are 100% lead and asbestos free, and the composite materials used in cosntruction drastically reduce debris.