Jan 17, 2022

How the Sommet Wall System is Innovating Construction & Home Building in Senegal

As the Dakar region grows rapidly in Senegal, and as luxury home communities are built to accommodate the regions’ growing population, innovative building techniques are needed to meet the standards and challenges of the region. 

With over 35 years of experience in construction and high-tech building products, Sommet Properties brings its proprietary Sommet Wall System to Senegal and the Dakar region, constructing communities with state-of-the-art, energy efficient wall systems built for strength and security.

Rigorously tested by North American and international evaluation authorities, the Sommet Wall System makes immense progress in building technologies across Africa, ensuring that new, luxury communities in Senegal meet the highest standards of safety, security and sustainability. 

Rigorously Tested and Researched

The Sommet Wall system uses a recycled composite structure that minimizes maintenance, reduces energy consumption, strengthens wall durability, and decreases building costs. Developed after years of research, Sommet walls provide a revolutionary, integrated system for contractors and homeowners.

In developing the wall system, Sommet began with a need to examine technology-based alternatives to current and traditional forms of construction, responding to a unique need in Senegal for sustainable and long-lasting construction materials. We believe that a building structure should endure for generations and that minimizing on-going maintenance, as well as maximizing environmental sustainability, should be priorities in construction innovation. Moreover, multi-use application and cost-reduction for builders were guiding principles in our research. 

In creating a recycled composite structure that matches the strength of concrete while reducing sound pollution and increasing environmental sustainability, Sommet Wall Systems innovates a new, internationally certified building material with the power to revolutionize construction in Senegal and beyond.

Innovation in building technology

There are a number of benefits to the Sommet Wall System, which reduces costs for builders while using recycled products to maximize safety and stability for new construction.

Minimum Weight 

Because Sommet walls use a proprietary recycled composite structure, Sommet wall panels are extremely lightweight, with no additional plaster required in framing and construction. Compared to similarly sizes concrete block walls, Sommet walls are 25% lighter. 


Sommet Wall System panels effectively resist moisture penetration and the formation of surface condensation. Because condensation and residual moisture are common sources of erosion and wall damage in humid climates, Sommet walls are particularly suited to sustainable construction across Africa and coastal cities like Lake Retba.

Strength and Suspension Loads

Sommet Walls prove that lightweight and sustainable materials can meet and exceed the strength capabilities of traditional materials like concrete. Sommet Wall System panels support isolated suspension loads per wall screw that exceed 47 kilograms.

High Fire Resistance 

Fire resistance and prevention are a key priority for Sommet Properties. Sommet Wall System panels are rated Class A under certified tests of 1,700 degrees Celsius, conducted under exposure conditions exceeding 3 hours per side.

Optimum Vibration Dampening and Sound Proofing

Due to the cellular polystyrene and cement composite structure of Sommet panels, the Sommet Wall System demonstrates high resistance to vibration-generated deformation and flange mounting strength. The result is a safer, more sound-resistant interior for homeowners.

Energy Efficient 

In addition to the environmentally sustainable qualities of recycled composite materials, Sommet Walls are also built to conserve energy use inside the home. Excellent insulation provided by Sommet panels provide homeowners with superior energy savings in both severe cold and heat. 

Diverse Construction Applications

Multi-use application was integral to Sommet Properties’ research when developing the Sommet Wall System. Our walls are designed to be used in construction applications across a diverse array of building products, including:

Industrial Construction

Sommet Walls can be used in industrial projects spanning the agricultural, manufacturing, aviation, environmental, and oil and gas sectors. Sommet Walls can be used to build manufacturing plants, sports and recreation facilities, lumber, pulp and paper mills, salt and sand facilities and water treatment facilities. 

Institutional Construction 

Secure, stable and sustainable, Sommet Walls can be used to build schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, student housing, police stations, and military and governmental facilities.

Commercial Construction

Meant for cost-saving construction, Sommet Wall Systems are choice building materials across the commercial sector, used to build banks, restaurants, shopping malls, office buildings, business parks and retail locations. 

Infrastructure Construction

Sommet Walls are available to governments and municipalities in public works projects and infrastructure construction. Our wall system can be used in building highway sound barriers, public transit systems, train stations, and urban sound walls. 

Residential Construction

Sommet Wall Systems are especially designed and used for residential construction, including Sommet Properties’ own residential developments. Sommet wall panels can be used in building single dwelling homes, semi-detached homes, townhomes, low-rise condominiums and garages.

Sommet Properties innovates construction at Teranga Estates.

Sommet Properties uses our proprietary wall system in building Teranga Estates, a luxury housing community serving Lake Retba and the Cape Verde peninsula.

If you’d like to learn more about the Sommet Wall System or purchasing a luxury housing unit at our Terange Estates, reach out to our team